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  • Campers will develop the skills necessary to critically analyse events in global politics, not only understanding them and why they happened but also assess for themselves whether they were positive or negative.


  • Campers will reach an introductory understanding of key subject areas in global politics, including international relations, public policy, geopolitics and political economy.


  • Campers will think about their own position in the world and evaluate how global events impact them, directly or otherwise. They will also evaluate how their standing differs from others, examining how these events affect the world’s most vulnerable. 

  • Campers will be equipped with introductory skills in policy analysis, not only being able to understand the world’s problems but collaborate to develop solutions. 


  • Short lessons on different issues in global politics (20 minutes)

  • Educational activities which spur campers to engage with issue of the day (20 minutes)

  • Activities which teach campers how to analyse issues in global politics for themselves (20 minutes) 

  • Solution driven capstone project which pushes campers to engage in contemporary problems (25 minutes) 

  • Reflection activities which have campers think not only about the issues they were exposed to, but how they can make a difference (5 minutes)


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