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Day One - Campers will be introduced to the impact of global politics on not only their own lives but all world citizens. By understanding how events and politics on the other side of the globe can have a major impact on themselves, campers will see the importance of being able to analyse and discuss them. 


Day Two - Campers will begin to develop the tools of critical analysis to not only know what events have happened, but understand the who, why and where. Campers will also begin to think about how they can act to have a positive impact on injustices throughout the world.


Day Three - Campers will strengthen their skills to learn not only how they can personally make a difference on the global stage, but draft policy which can be implemented by governments or international organisations. 


Day Four - Campers will be exposed to different forms of international cooperation through Model United Nations, tackling a problem related to their capstone project as an international committee. Through this, they will learn the intricacies of how countries interact and experience the difficulty of crafting policy that works for everyone. 


Day Five - Campers will be exposed to how real government officials and stakeholders responded to the problem covered during their Model United Nations session. They will reflect on not only how their own response can be improved, but also how their own decisions were superior to the real world approaches. 


Day Six - Campers will reflect on what they learned over the course of camp, understanding their own position in these issues and crystalising their ability to approach them critically. 


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