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Our mission is to help youth discover the intricacies of global politics. Why and how do countries form relationships with each other? How can governments work together to tackle global problems? How can individuals influence the global system to make the world a more equitable and safe place? These big questions are often overlooked, especially in youth education, yet are critical to becoming a well-informed and politically active citizen. Global Politics Camp equips campers with this understanding and much more, preparing them for a cosmopolitain life in a globalised society. 


In addition to lessons, activities, and readings related to international relations, public policy, geopolitics and political economy, Global Politics Camp is centred around a major capstone project. Campers will work together to examine a global issue and craft a public policy proposal to offer a solution. These solutions will draw on international cooperation, economics and existing policy proposals, exposing campers to diverse perspectives and interests. Potential capstone subjects include issues related to climate change, international development, regional cooperation and more. 


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